Owl Pocket Totem

Owl Pocket Totem

Pocket totems are for the dreamers, the kids-at-heart and the adventurers. Keep this totem in your jacket pocket as a reminder that you're always learning, and to trust your intuition. 

Each totem is sculpted in ceramic, glazed in bright glossy colors, and decorated with 22-carat-gold details. Your totem will arrive on your doorstep, tucked in a little felt blanket within a decorative box for safe travels. 

Pocket totems are meant to be carried with you, but please keep in mind that putting them in the pocket of your skinniest skinny jeans, or a pocket with keys in it or anything sharp, can over time wear away the gold detailing.

Small Wild pieces are not meant for small children. I know they're cute, and your wee one is cute, but it may pose a choking hazard. They're also ceramic and therefore must be handled with a certain amount of care.