Tiny Trojan Pony Totem

Tiny Trojan Pony Totem

A tiny, colorful pony is the best gift if you need to sneak something to a friend or loved one, provided that something is extra tiny. These are so small that that They'll hold your tiniest earrings or a little secret note. Each is one of a kind. 

Each totem is sculpted in ceramic, glazed in bright glossy colors, and decorated with 22-carat-gold details. Your totem will arrive on your doorstep, tucked in a little felt blanket within a decorative box for safe travels. 

Small Wild pieces are not meant for small children. I know they're cute, and your wee one is cute, but it may pose a choking hazard. They're also ceramic and therefore must be handled with a certain amount of care. 

* Yellow pony reduced due to thin glaze application on interior wall.